#NetgalleyLibrary Readathon TBR

Is your Netgalley TBR getting overwhelming? Ours sure is, and Hâf @ The Library Looter and I have created an opportunity to do something about that. Join us in our weeklong Netgalley readathon, lasting from Monday April 20 to Sunday April 26, where the goal is to read exclusively Netgalley titles for a week!

We announced our readathon yesterday, so you can read the full announcement here! Today, I want to share my TBR for the readathon. I’ve chosen one book for every challenge.

Read a hyped book

I think Dangerous Remedy is probably the most hyped book on my Netgalley TBR, and I happen to be really hyped to read it myself as well. I’ve heard amazing things about this and I hope it will get me out of my fantasy slump!

Read your oldest title

Shine of the Ever has been on my Netgalley TBR since October 2019. Yeah. Really. I’m deeply embarrassed to admit this, but it just takes me ages to get through anthologies! I do love them, but they take me a long time to read. I’m determined to finally read and review this.

Read your newest title

I couldn’t be more excited about my most recent title, Take a Hint, Dani Brown, which is the sequel to Get a Life, Chloe Brown and centers Chloe’s sister Dani! I was honestly over the moon to get approved for this, and while I have a hard time sticking to TBRs, I’m 100% sure I will read this book this week!

Read your longest title

Queen of Coin and Whispers is my longest book at 464 pages. I’m not sure I’ll actually end up reading this, because I have been really struggling with fantasy books lately and there are a few of them on my TBR for this week. But I am excited for this book, so I’m going to try and see what I end up reading.

Read your shortest title

My oldest title happened to also be my shortest title, at 188 pages. I decided to go with my second shortest book for this challenge, which is Short Stuff at 192 pages. That does mean I’d have to read two anthologies in a week, so we’ll see how this goes. I usually read anthologies aside from my main books.

Read an upcoming release

Out of all my titles, Incendiary is the one that will come out the soonest, on April 28th. I definitely still have to review a bunch of books that are already out, but hopefully I’ll be able to review this one before it’s actually released. It’ll be my first Zoraida Córdova book, and I’m really excited. I’ll be buddy reading this with my fellow readathon host Hâf!

Read a book with a pretty cover

Quite honestly, I could have picked just about any book for this challenge. But I keep hearing the most amazing things about Surrender Your Sons, and I’ve been on the verge of picking it up for weeks now, so I really really want to read it this week.

Are you going to participate? Share your TBRs, progress and wrap-ups using #NetgalleyLibrary, and have fun!

If you order through the links in this post, I’ll make a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps me review more books and host more giveaways, so I’d be very grateful if you used it!

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