Stay Home Reading Rush Wrap-up

From Thursday to Sunday, I participated in the Stay Home Reading Rush. I had a lot of fun, and I was able to complete all four of the challenges. I already can’t wait for the summer edition!

I chose a Reading Rush TBR last week, but I have to admit I only read one book from it, and ended up reading entirely different books otherwise.

Read a Book With a House on the Cover

I chose The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune for this challenge, and I did end up listening to over half of the audiobook, but I wasn’t able to finish it in time for the readathon. This is a reread for me and I am loving the audiobook!

Instead, I ended up reading The Sound of Stars by Alechia Dow for this challenge. I actually started this book at random and then realized it also had houses (or well, a skyline) on the cover, so I decided to count it for this challenge. I thought this was a really good YA sci-fi!

The Sound of Stars

Read a Book in the Same Room the Whole Time

I was going to read a graphic novel for this challenge because those are usually quick reads, but I was in the mood for a romance novel so I decided to read A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert instead. This was a really fun novel with great autism rep, and I’m very excited to read the rest of the books in this series.

A Girl Like Her (Ravenswood, #1)

Read a Book Set Somewhere You Wish You Could Go

The only book from my TBR that I did end up reading, is Unconventional by Maggie Harcourt. This is mainly set at conventions, which is why I chose this book for this specific challenge. I did enjoy reading this, but I didn’t think it fully lived up to its potential.


Read a Book That Will Make You Smile

For this challenge, I initially chose Love Is For Losers by Wibke Brueggeman. Instead, I ended up reading Sugar Summer by Hannah Moskowitz. I found out about this book only a day before the Reading Rush started but knew I had to read it immediately, because it was something I’d been wanting for a long time: a Dirty Dancing retelling! With lesbians!! This book was such a treat to read, and I would highly recommend it to any fans of the movie!

Sugar Summer

Extra book

On top of the four books I read for the challenges, I finished a fifth book as well: Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie McLemore. They’re one of my favourite authors and I absolutely adore their writing style, but I have to admit this wasn’t one of my favourite books by them. While it was definitely a good read, and I would recommend it, it just didn’t really work for me.

Dark and Deepest Red

I’m really pleased I ended up reading 5 books, and I’m excited to immediately continue with my own readathon, #NetgalleyLibrary, which you can read about here!

How many books did you end up reading during the Reading Rush? Did you complete the challenges?

If you order books through the links in this post, I’ll make a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps me review more books and host more giveaways, so I’d be very grateful if you used it!


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  1. I’m doing a NetGalley readathon this week, and I have to remind myself again and again not to pick up books that aren’t on my tbr for this week – lol. It’s very tempting to read outside of my readathon.


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