#AutismAcceptanceMonth – Review: Maar je ziet er helemaal niet autistisch uit

As the discourse about autism is often still centered around professionals and parents and not always centers actually autistic people themselves, I found this #OwnVoices book to be a refreshing, insightful and especially relatable read. It was very empowering for me personally, and I think it will be a valuable read for many people, both... Continue Reading →


#YARC2019 Update Post

A while ago, I shared my sign-up post for the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge. Since then, I managed to read a few more books by Asian authors, so I thought I'd share an update post. Current Progress When I first posted, at the end of February, I'd read 8 books, which meant I'd... Continue Reading →

Most Anticipated Releases of April

Even though I'm still behind on all the 2019 releases I want to buy and read, I'm really looking forward to some of the books coming out in April! Lucky for me, I discovered an audiobook streaming service that has a decent amount of new releases, so at least that will hopefully save me some... Continue Reading →

March Wrap-Up

In March, I ended up reading 35 books. I didn't read as many physical books as before, but I did discover the joy that are audiobooks! (Planning to write a blogpost about them soon!!) I'll share some quick reviews of my favourite reads of the month (4 and 5 star reads). Keezy Young - Taproot... Continue Reading →

Recommendations: Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are still quite new to me. I never used to read them, but then I fell in love with Marvel movies so I wanted to read some Marvel comics as well. This resulted in me reading a whole pile of those - mostly Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales and Champions because I really enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Most Anticipated Releases of March

Very honestly, there are so many amazing books coming out this year that I'm already falling behind on all the ones I want to buy and read. Because, well, money doesn't grow on trees of course, and even an avid reader like me only has so many hours in the day! I'm hoping to get... Continue Reading →

February Wrap-up

February was again a really good reading month for me! I ended up doing a spontaneous little readathon halfway through the month, which was really fun as well. I ended up reading 37 books in total (a lot of them were graphic novels), but just like in January, I won't bore you with all of... Continue Reading →


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