Review: Julia Drake – Wat de zee vertelt/The Last True Poets of the Sea

ENGLISH REVIEW BELOW De Nederlandse uitgever, Moon Uitgevers, heeft me kort geleden een recensie-exemplaar gestuurd van Wat de zee vertelt door Julia Drake, waar ik erg dankbaar voor ben. Deze recensie is dan ook in het Nederlands, voor de verandering! Ik keek al een tijd uit naar Wat de zee vertelt, vooral nadat iemand me... Continue Reading →

BLOG TOUR: Unspeakable, a Queer Gothic Anthology – Author Interview Katalina Watt

I personally love to read anthologies, so when I heard about Unspeakable, which is a queer gothic anthology, I was immediately interested! Today is my stop on the blog tour, and I'm proud to share an interview with one of the authors, Katalina Watt, who wrote the story Laguna and the Engkanto. 1. What were... Continue Reading →

Netgalley Mini Reviews #3

Time for another batch of Netgalley mini reviews! It's a bit of a mix of genres this time, hopefully you'll find something that interests you. I was sent eARCs of these books through Netgalley in exchange for my honest reviews. Abigail Hing Wen - Loveboat, Taipei I'd seen a ton of positive reviews about this... Continue Reading →

Recommendations: Black History Month

Since February is Black History Month, I wanted to dedicate a post to recommending books by Black authors! I’ll be giving you 20 recommendations, divided in 4 parts: books I’ve read and loved, books I own but haven’t read yet (both physical and digital), books I have on my wishlist, and book releases I’m looking... Continue Reading →

January & February Audiobook Picks

I'm a part of‘s influencer program, which means I get to choose from a selection of audiobooks to post about and review every month! is an audiobook service that makes it possible for readers to buy audiobooks and support physical bookstores (you could even choose which store to support if you wanted to),... Continue Reading →

February TBR

In February, there are 3 events I want to participate in with my reading: Black History Month, #FFFeb (hosted by Charlotte @ Moonraker), and Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week. I've made a tentative TBR for all three of these events, and I'm hoping to read at least a few books for all of them. Black History... Continue Reading →

January Wrap-up

How did you kick off your reading year? Did you set a challenge? Have you managed to read any good books yet? I ended up reading 31 books this month, so exactly one book for every day. Like always in my wrap-ups, I'll share my Goodreads reviews for my 4 and 5 star reads. Want... Continue Reading →

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