My name is Anniek, and I’m a 26-year-old book blogger. I’ve been a massive bookworm since before I can remember, and I used to memorize my favourite books before I was able to read.

In 2018, I’ve reached the bucket list worthy goal of reading 365 books, and I’m well on my way to maybe even (dare I say it?) surpass that goal for 2019! Of course reading is about quality over quantity, but this is something I’m quite pleased with.

I mainly read and review YA fiction. But I also love to read fantasy, science fiction and middlegrade fiction, as well as graphic novels, and I might throw in the occasional adult or non-fiction book.

As a reader and reviewer, I actively seek out diverse novels, because I feel passionately about seeing different identities and marginalizations represented in literature. Aside from trying to read as many diverse books as possible, I especially enjoy reading books with LGBTQ+ and mental health themes because I can personally relate to them.

Aside from my blog, you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Goodreads!

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