Reading Rush Day 6 & 7 + Wrap-up

I decided to combine my updates for the last few days of the Reading Rush in one post, to not overwhelm you with posts and to not ignore what's been going on with them - at the end of this post I will explain the issues with this readathon. But first I'll get into my... Continue Reading →

Reading Rush Day 5

Day 5 of the Reading Rush was a quiet day for me. I was going to get a lot of reading done, but my brain wasn't cooperating. It's okay, that's just how it is sometimes. So this will be a fairly short update. Catch up with my previous posts: Reading Rush TBR Reading Rush Day... Continue Reading →

Reading Rush Day 4

Today I took a little break from the Reading Rush because I went shopping with my mum, sister and cousin. I still wanted to share an update though, to talk about some books I got and show you my haul! Catch up with my previous posts: Reading Rush TBR Reading Rush Day 1 Reading Rush... Continue Reading →

Reading Rush Day 3

It's already the third day of the Reading Rush, and I have to admit I didn't get a lot of reading done during the day. Catch up with my previous posts: Reading Rush TBR Reading Rush Day 1 Reading Rush Day 2 Work I spent most of my day working. In my last update, I... Continue Reading →

Reading Rush Day 2

Time for my Tuesday update! I'm having a lot of fun with the Reading Rush so far, and I feel like I've found a good balance between yes, reading a lot, but also not reading all of the time, which I've done with readathons in the past and stops being fun after a few days... Continue Reading →

Reading Rush Day 1

Are you participating in the Reading Rush too? How is it going for you? On Sunday I shared my Reading Rush TBR. I thought it might be fun to upload daily Reading Rush updates to take you through how I spent my day and how much reading I got done, what badges I collected, et... Continue Reading →

Reading Rush TBR

Tomorrow, on July 20th, the Reading Rush - a week-long readathon - starts! It ends on July 26th. I had so much fun participating last year that I decided to join in again, and I'm really looking forward to it. I actually reorganized my TBR three times, but now I'm really happy with it. Of... Continue Reading →

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