BLOG TOUR – Review: M.N. Jolley – The KC Warlock Weekly: Book One: Accused

Like I said in my April TBR post, I want to focus on reading books with autism rep this month, because it's Autism Acceptance Month. One of the first books I've read this month has been The KC Warlock Weekly: Book One by M.N. Jolley, and today I have the honour of being on the... Continue Reading →

April TBR: Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Acceptance Month, so make sure to support and uplift actually autistic creators! I'm planning to make a book recommendations post, so hopefully I'll be able to post that during this month. I especially want to focus on reading some books with autism representation this month, so that's what I'm dedicating part of... Continue Reading →

Autistic Pride Month Reading Bingo TBR

It's Autism Awareness Month, or what autistics would rather call Autism Acceptance Month or even Autism Pride Month! I hope all autistic people are having a great month, or at least as good as possible during this pandemic. Because I'm autistic, I want to participate in the Reading Bingo that's part of the Autistic Pride... Continue Reading →

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