September Wrap-up

In September, I read 35 books, which is a little less than last month. Since I reached my reading goal already a few months ago, I’m just continuing to read as much or as little as I want, without pressuring myself.

My favourites of the month have been Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir, So Many Beginnings by Bethany C. Morrow, The Queer Principles of Cat Sebastian, Something Fabulous by Alexis Hall, and Under the Whispering Door by TJ Klune.

In this post, I’ll share my Goodreads reviews of my 4 and 5 star reads of the month. Want to keep track of my reading in more detail? Feel free to add me on Goodreads!

Andy Weir – Project Hail Mary

This was a 5 star prediction for me, and from the start, it ended up being an easy 5 star read. I went into this hardly knowing anything about it – I didn’t even read the synopsis – and I recommend you do the same, because that makes for the most enjoyable reading experience. This book masterfully built up my anticipation, and so much so that I had to read it in small doses and take breaks, because I just could not take the tension. But it also really paid off, because you get rewarded with literally so many twists and turns – ones that are actually interesting and that you usually won’t see coming. I loved how suspenseful this book was, all the while never losing hope for a good outcome, and it was a really funny read as well, which did a good job relieving the tension.

Pamela Sharon – Wie ik gisteren was

I didn’t review this book, but it’s a Dutch YA with a chronically ill main character, and I really enjoyed it.

Hannah Templer – Cosmoknights

Space gays and found family in space, with a side of overthrowing the patriarchy?

R.M. Virtues – Drag Me Up

Read this in one sitting, this was so enjoyable and the writing was amazing

Anita Kelly – Love and Other Disasters

This was such an addictive read, it actually distracted me from work and I was physically unable to put it down.

As a non-binary person, I already loved Anita Kelly’s first Moonlighters novella (I’m saving the second one for the holidays), and I was so glad to also see a non-binary character in a full-length romance novel! Especially since they also have a POV! It always makes me so happy to see my pronouns used on page, and since this book is written in 3rd person, that happened a lot.

Both of these characters felt so real to me, and I found them so relatable. I loved the setting of a cooking show, but even more I loved how much time Dahlia and London actually spent together in the novel, since as opposed to a lot of other books, this one didn’t have the enemies to lovers trope and they started getting friendly really early on in the book.

Another aspect of the book I really appreciated is how there is a third act break-up but it actually served a purpose, whereas I tend to find that lacking in other books sometimes. The third act break-up gave both characters the space to work through personal issues and to grow as a person outside of a relationship, and I found that so valuable.

Z.R. Ellor – May the Best Man Win

This book isn’t going to be for everyone, because it has a very specific audience and if you are not trans and/or autistic, I’m sorry, but you just don’t have the range to understand what it’s doing. As a trans and autistic person, I love the exploration of how we always need to be palatable to be accepted and how suffocating that is. This book resonated with me so much, and while of course it’s super messy, I could always really understand where Jeremy and Lukas were coming from. I’m really glad I didn’t let myself get discouraged from reading it by other people’s reviews, because this was such a valuable reading experience for me and I’m going to treasure this book.

Lily Seabrooke – Fake It

This was my second Lily Seabrooke book, and it certainly won’t be the last! I really enjoyed this book and loved how incidental the trans rep was. I will say I connected with Avery’s POV more than Holly’s, but I still did really like Holly as well.

Bethany C. Morrow – So Many Beginnings

Such a gorgeous reimagining of Little Women. Exactly what I was hoping for from the “remixed classics”: a book that adds so much value of its own, while still keeping the heart and feel of the original story. Absolutely stunning.

Cat Sebastian – The Queer Principles of Kit Webb

This was so much fun and 100% a new comfort read!

Axie Oh – XOXO

This was just as cute as I hoped it would be, and maybe even better, because it didn’t just focus on the romance, but also on the rest of Jenny’s life – her family, her friends, her ambitions – and those didn’t take a backseat to the romance. I also loved that we not only got to know Jaewoo, but also the rest of his group!

Meredith Ireland – The Jasmine Project

Jenny Han meets 10 Blind Dates, with a Korean adoptee’s entire family working together to set her up on dates with boys of their choosing so she learns to value herself after having had a shitty boyfriend for a long time.

This was so cute it was almost too much for me. I absolutely loved seeing the main character come into her own and learn her worth and daring to have dreams. I loved seeing her huge family all work together to make her see how amazing she is, even if secretly setting her up with boys was maybe not the best idea. The family group chat cracked me up so much!

Roshani Chokshi – Once More Upon a Time

This novella made for a really entertaining, quick read. Roshani Chokshi’s writing is always beautiful, but it’s perfectly suited to fairytales. The way this story was told was so witty and fun, and really played with fairytale conventions.

Alexis Hall – Something Fabulous

Something Fabulous was Something Fabulous indeed! No plot, just vibes. It’s basically one big shit post of a book with a very adorable romance. I’m pretty sure I laughed at almost every page. Our main character, grumpy demisexual duke Valentine, and I have more in common than I’d like to admit. I’m always very happy to find a new comfort read!

TJ Klune – Under the Whispering Door

I didn’t review this book, but TJ Klune is one of my favourite authors and I once again really loved this!

Kris Ripper – The Life Revamp

I’ve enjoyed this series so much and I’m glad to say I enjoyed this installment as well! I’ve been rooting for Mason throughout the series so it was so great to read about him finding his HEA. The book was somewhat slow to start for me, but I immediately really liked Diego and he absolutely made the book for me. What I especially loved about this book is how it shows that there isn’t one way to have a HEA and that people get to define what their relationship(s) look like and what works and doesn’t work for them.

Nghi Vo – The Chosen and the Beautiful

I have to admit this was a 5 star prediction for me so I was hoping for a little more, but it’s so gorgeously written that it gets 4 stars anyway

Various Authors – Dream Daddy

Really fun to revisit these characters after playing the game!

Jenn Burke – House on Fire

I seem to have a first in, first out system with my Netgalley reads, but when I was approved for this I just couldn’t wait! I’ve loved this series so much, but it’s been a few months since I read the other books. But when I started this I was immediately so invested again – I just love these characters so so much! I love how consistent this series is in terms of characterization, plot and enjoyment, where every sequel is just once again so well done!

What was your favourite read this month?


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