#PrideLibrary21: Introduction Post

Time for an exciting announcement!

As you probably know, June is Pride Month. For the past two years, my friends Hâf @ The Library Looter, Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things and I hosted a challenge with prompts for every day of the month. I’m so excited to announce that we’re back with another Pride challenge: #PrideLibrary21. We hope you’ll join us again, for as few or as many days as you want!

How to participate?

You can participate on Instagram by taking pictures that suit the following prompts and then posting them on the set days using #PrideLibrary21. We’re hosting a giveaway along with the Instagram challenge as well!

You can also participate on your blog! To do so, you can write a blog post to match the day’s themes. For instance, you could review a book that has said representation, or recommend some of your favourites! Let us know below if you’ll be participating!! If you share any blog posts based on the prompts, make sure to follow our blogs and link to our challenge announcement posts, as we’d love to read your posts!

Explaining the prompts

You can view all of the prompts below; I think most of them are self-explanatory or easy to Google. The basic premise of this challenge is of course to include books with LGBTQ+ rep and/or written by LGBTQ+ authors in your photos and/or blog posts! You’ll see we haven’t specified certain prompts being LGBTQ+ as well, but that’s because we think that should be obvious! We’d like to focus on intersectionality with some of the prompts, and of course it wouldn’t make much sense to post your books with a fat MC that isn’t queer or isn’t by a queer author, for instance. We’ve tried to come up with inclusive prompts, and encourage you to include as many diverse books by LGBTQ+ authors as possible.

Challenge image, with all the prompts on a pastel rainbow background. All the prompts are listed below.

Daily prompts

  1. TBR
  2. Pink books
  3. Favourite LGBTQ+ author
  4. Trans/non-binary rep
  5. Red books
  6. Black author
  7. Favourite cover
  8. Disabled/ND MC
  9. Orange books
  10. Signed books
  11. Asexual MC
  12. Graphic novel
  13. Yellow books
  14. Latinx author
  15. Bi/pan MC
  16. Sapphic Sunday
  17. Green books
  18. Favourite couple
  19. Authors of colour
  20. Aromantic MC
  21. Blue books
  22. Fat MC
  23. Achillean books
  24. Asian author
  25. Purple books
  26. MC with mental illness
  27. Favourite setting
  28. Needs a sequel
  29. LGBTQ+ book rainbow
  30. Wrap-up

Will you be joining us for this challenge? Let us know!


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  1. Awesome I really hope I’ll be able to participate (Dit geeft nog meer motivatie om mijn eindexamens goed te maken zodat ik volgende maand lekker vakantie heb en niet met de herkansingen zit!!)

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