BLOG TOUR – Review: M.N. Jolley – The KC Warlock Weekly: Book One: Accused

Like I said in my April TBR post, I want to focus on reading books with autism rep this month, because it’s Autism Acceptance Month. One of the first books I’ve read this month has been The KC Warlock Weekly: Book One by M.N. Jolley, and today I have the honour of being on the blog tour for it! Read my review below, and also be sure to check out the other participants’ posts!


My name is Levi. I’m a journalist, I’m autistic, I’m bad at magic, and I swear I didn’t kill her.

Research for the paper usually falls into a few basic patterns. Someone in the city says there’s a troll under Buck O’Neil Bridge, or they’ll call just so a friendly ear will listen to them complain about a pixie infestation.

That sort of content carries me through slow news weeks. It’s rare that I uncover a murder.

Being framed for murder, though? That’s a first.

With the Wizard’s Council hunting me for a crime I didn’t commit, I’ve got no choice but to solve the murder and clear my name. If I don’t unravel this case, nobody will, and I’ll go down for it so hard I might never see the light of day again.

The KC Warlock Weekly: Book One: Accused

About the Author

M.N. Jolley is an author based in Kansas City. When he’s not splitting his attention between far too many half finished hobby projects, he writes fantasy novels, with a particular fondness for any conflict that can’t be solved through brute force alone. He is currently working on “The KC Warlock Weekly” and “The Sacrosanct Records”, because even in writing he can’t be pinned down to working on just one project at a time!


This is not my usual genre, but the synopsis did sound appealing to me and I will read anything that has good autism rep. And this one really does! Right from the start, Levi was such a relatable main character, in a way that often cracked me up because I could completely understand why he acted the way he did.

I genuinely had a lot of fun reading this. I don’t normally gravitate towards crime stories, but the supernatural aspect made it a lot more interesting for me. What also worked incredible well, is the way the story was structured: when we meet Levi, he’s being interrogated about his involvement in a crime, and we see flashbacks when he’s explaining what happened, so we gradually find out along with the officers interrogating him. The story is told with such a dry sense of humour, which makes it extra fun to read and keeps the story relatively lighthearted.

And like I said, I really liked the autism rep. Especially because this is not a book about Levi being autistic, it’s a book about him and what happens to him and he just happens to be autistic. It’s all very casual and incidental, and the rep was often subtle, which really made me feel like it was written for autistic readers – I feel like allistic (non-autistic) readers might not necessarily pick up on it.

Get Your Copy

Interested in reading this book? The author has shared the following ways of accessing his book:

“The book is free to download on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo, and on my website. I believe in media accessibility, so I don’t want to gatekeep who has access to my stories. Instead of selling my books, I’ve got a Patreon and a Ko-Fi that I request donations for if anyone wants to support my writing.

To accompany the blog tour, I’m running a giveaway of three signed copies of The KC Warlock Weekly: Accused. Please share this link in your post! 

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