April TBR: Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Acceptance Month, so make sure to support and uplift actually autistic creators! I’m planning to make a book recommendations post, so hopefully I’ll be able to post that during this month. I especially want to focus on reading some books with autism representation this month, so that’s what I’m dedicating part of my TBR to.

Other than that, I’m hoping to catch up on as many Netgalley ARCs as possible, because I didn’t yet get my Netgalley TBR under control in March. I also made a physical TBR, so I have a pretty ambitious TBR this month. We’ll have to wait and see if I can stick to it!

Autistic Books TBR

  • Anna Whateley – Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal
  • A.J. Steiger – When My Heart Joins the Thousand
  • Kay Kerr – Please Don’t Hug Me
  • Kate Foster – Paws
  • Sarah Kapit – The Many Mysteries of the Finkel Family
  • G.D. Falksen – The Secret Life of Kitty Granger
  • Dahlia Donovan – Poisoned Primrose
  • Chloe Liese – Always Only You
  • M.N. Jolley – The KC Warlock Weekly. Book One: Accused
  • Noah Adams & Bridget Liang – Trans and Autistic
  • Lizzie Huxley-Jones, ed. – Stim: an Autistic Anthology

Netgalley TBR

  • Sara Ella – Coral
  • Elna Holst – Lucas
  • Heather Walter – Malice
  • Kyle Lukoff – Too Bright to See
  • Charlie Jane Anders – Victories Greater Than Death
  • S.T. Gibson – A Dowry of Blood
  • Nicole Glover – The Conductors
  • Silvia Moreno-Garcia – The Beautiful Ones
  • Maya Motayne – Oculta
  • Bex Hogan – Vulture

Physical TBR

  • Candice Carty-Williams – Queenie
  • Jessica Townsend – Hollowpox
  • Janet Skeslien Charles – The Paris Library
  • Bex Hogan – Venom
  • Ashaye Brown – Dream Country
  • Julie Abe – Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch
  • Sarah Ann Juckes – The World Between Us

What are you reading this month?

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