12 Days of Queermas Wrap-up

It’s the last day of 12 Days of Queermas, and I wanted to share my wrap-up! I actually managed to mostly stick to my TBR, which I’m very pleased with, but I also read some other books.

12 Days of Queermas 4x4 teal bingo card with pink lines and white text. Prompts (from left to right) are:

Line 1: Participate in a Twitter sprint, Post your TBR to Instagram or Twitter, Complete one book, Watch a holiday movie/show

Line 2: Buddy read a book with a friend, Read a book with snow on the cover, Read a novella, Read more than 100 pages

Line 3: Read a book with a realistic cover, Read while in your PJs/comfy clothes, Read an achillean book, Read a new adult book

Line 4: Drink a wintery drink (hot coco, cider, eggnog), Complete two or more books, Read a book with trans rep, Read an Own Voices book

The bottom of the card features the words "2020 Edition" in white text with a white snowflake centered in between the words.

I wasn’t initially planning to do the challenges on the bingo card, but I think I completed all of them anyway. Except maybe for reading a new adult book.


I ended up reading 12 books, just like I hoped I would be able to. I didn’t completely stick to my TBR, but I did manage to read 9 of the books on my TBR, and I DNFd 2 of them (Home by Kris Bryant and Holidays in Blue by Eve Morton) because I wasn’t going to enjoy them. The only book on my TBR I didn’t end up reading was Under a Falling Star by Jae, and quite honestly, it’s because I didn’t have much money left for ebooks and this one was pricy.

Something I’m particularly pleased with is that I managed to branch out a little within the romance genre by trying two subgenres I hadn’t read before. First, I tried a cosy mystery: In the Winter Woods by Isabelle Adler. And then I read a historical romance, The Longest Night by EE Ottoman. I’m especially happy with this because I tend to stick to contemporary romance when I read romance, and I already also put Ghosts, Gangsters and Garland by Jana Denardo on my TBR as well, which is paranormal romance, and this is also outside of my comfort zone. I ended up really enjoying all three books, so I’ll definitely be trying to read more books like this in 2021. And I even read a really steamy book as well (Her Night With Santa by Adriana Herrera), which is really not for me, but I wanted to give it a try at least once.

Now to list what exactly I’ve read for this readathon:

  • Eli Wray – Secret Santa
  • Elle Spencer – The Holiday Treatment
  • Emily Engberts – Second Chance at Christmas
  • Mason Deaver – I’ll Be Home for Christmas
  • Nathan Burgoine – Handmade Holidays
  • Jana Denardo – Ghosts, Gangsters and Garland
  • Isabelle Adler – In the Winter Woods
  • Meka James – Being Merry
  • N.R. Walker – Tic-Tac-Mistletoe
  • Sally Malcolm – Love Around the Corner
  • EE Ottoman – The Longest Night
  • Adriana Herrera – Her Night With Santa

All in all, this was a really successful and especially a really fun readathon for me! Thank you so much to the hosts!!

Wishing everyone very happy holidays!


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  1. Yay for going out of your comfort zone!! When I read your original TBR, I was so shocked that you were planning to read 12 books–and you managed to do it, too! That’s amazing. I got 11 in and although I would’ve liked to add one more in there, I started to burn out of on holiday stories by the end. I think next time I might read some queer stories that are not holiday related as well, lol. I hope you had a fun time!! -Brittany

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