Reading Rush Day 1

Are you participating in the Reading Rush too? How is it going for you?

On Sunday I shared my Reading Rush TBR. I thought it might be fun to upload daily Reading Rush updates to take you through how I spent my day and how much reading I got done, what badges I collected, et cetera!

Animal Crossing

I should start by admitting I’ve already been very distracted: I bought a Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing just last week, and I’ve quickly become obsessed. My sister and I have been playing a lot, and have been watching each other play as well, which is strangely engaging too.

Today, I got my cute little house and the museum opened, and it’s been a lot of fun to explore everything!

Reading sprints

I did however use the reading sprints to motivate myself and actually get myself to read. I participated in four of them: two on Twitter, and two on Instagram. The times are actually very convenient for me this year – one of them started at 4 pm my time, one started at 8 pm, one at 9 pm and one at 11 pm, so I can get a lot of reading done in the evenings and some before bed as well.

I think the reading sprints are a really fun way to feel immersed in the readathon, so I’m planning on participating in at least one every day of the readathon.

Daily Wrap-up

I managed to finish two books today: Just Like That by Cole McCade and Court of Lions by Somaiya Daud. Unfortunately, I’m not off to a great start enjoyment-wise; these were a two and three star read for me respectively.

By finishing Just Like That, I actually gained my first badge: “read the first book you touch” – I chose a random book off of my Transathon TBR, a readathon I’m still really excited about but massively failing.

Court of Lions (Mirage, #2)

Let me know if you like updates like this! I was afraid it might be a little boring but I’d like to actively post about the Reading Rush to stay engaged with it. Hopefully you enjoy this type of content!


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