#Pondathon Sign-up

I wasn’t going to participate in the #Pondathon, because readathons tend to be very overwhelming for me, but then I saw everyone making their characters and I felt massive FOMO, so here I am, joining anyway!


The Pondathon is a story-driven readathon hosted by CW @ The Quiet Pond. And honestly, how creative is this idea? You can find the readathon information and the first chapter of the story here! You can find the sign-up post here! In this readathon, you collect points by reading books, and you can use those to aid the story. It’s a co-operative readathon, meaning the participants work together rather than compete one another. You join a team, and each team has a different way of collecting points.

The readathon starts on January 24th and ends on March 7th.


I had a pretty hard time choosing a team for this readathon, but in the end I’ve decided to help Varian to keep the pond’s boundary strong by reading books of different genres. To succeed, I have to read a book of a different genre every time I start a new book. I gain extra points by reading three books of different genres in a row. Since I’m a mood reader, I feel like this will be a good fit for me.

team varian full

Introducing: Ash the Book Rat

Meet Ash! Ash is a smol baby rat who munches his way through books of any genre. He’s autistic and because of that, he’s almost always very tired. But lucky for him, the Pond is a very calming place, and he loves to spend time there, reading his books and interacting with his friends. So of course having the Pond threatened just Will Not Do, and even though Ash is not much of a fighter, he will fight for what he believes in. He’s going to help Varian defend the Pond’s boundary by reading a great deal of different books.

character card blank


Curious as to what I’ll be reading? You’ll have to be patient, I’m afraid. I’ll be participating in a few reading events in February, and my TBR for those will be up soon! I also want to get through some books for the #StartOnYourShelfathon.

Having gone through all of CW’s blog posts on how the readathon works, I’m so in awe of how much work went into this and how amazing the result is. I feel like this is going to be such a fun experience, and exactly what I need to get through another boring wintery month!

Will you be participating?


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  1. I love your little character, Ash! Adorable!

    I really want to participate in this event, but I keep going back and forth. I think I can do it, but I don’t want to let my team down if I get busy! I totally understand having FOMO over it though! 🙂

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