The Ultimate Recommendations Book Tag

Back in November, I saw Destiny @ Howling Libraries do The Ultimate Recommendations Book Tag, which was created by Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx. It looked like a really fun tag, so I decided to do it as well!


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer all the questions down below
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Recommend a book from one of your favorite genres

My current favourite genre is most definitely YA contemporary. This is a genre that has really grown on me throughout the past years, and it feels like such a treat to get to read all of these wonderfully diverse stories.

One YA contemporary that I recently reread, is Technically, You Started It by Lana Wood Johnson. This book consists entirely of a text message exchange between Haley, a questioning demisexual girl with anxiety, and Martin, a bisexual boy. I really loved this unconventional format, and thought it worked really well. It’s also a very comforting read.

Technically, You Started It

Recommend a short book

I’m a big fan of Lauren James’s books, and I especially enjoyed her recent novella, The Starlight Watchmaker, which is all about an android watchmaker who’s very lonely until he becomes friends with a student. This book is full of heart, and I can’t help but wish for a sequel!

The Starlight Watchmaker

Recommend a book-to-screen adaptation

I don’t watch a lot of movies (because, you know, BOOKS!), but I do tend to watch movie adaptations of books I’ve loved. Even though this is nowhere near an original answer, I would highly recommend To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, both the book and the movie, which I’ve probably watched three times by now. I really can’t wait for the sequel to come out in February!

To All the Boys I've Loved Before (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #1)

Recommend a book out of your comfort zone

I’m not the biggest thriller reader, but I did recently read Wranglestone, which is a gay zombie thriller. And I ended up really loving it! My review will be up very soon, and the book will be out in early February.

Wranglestone (Wranglestone, #1)

Recommend a book series

I don’t actually read a lot of series anymore, because I have a hard time keeping up with the sequels when they come out, and because I tend to have forgotten half of what happened in the previous book. But I’m currently listening to the third installment of Timekeeper, and really enjoying this series! It’s a steampunk series about a boy who works as a clock mechanic and falls in love with a clock spirit.

Timekeeper (Timekeeper, #1)

Recommend a standalone

For this, I would like to recommend my current read: Beyond the Black Door. I had high hopes for this book, but I’m loving it even more than I thought I would. This might just be a 5 star read for me! The book has amazing asexual representation, and the plot is very intriguing.

Beyond the Black Door

Recommend a book you don’t talk about enough

I’ll do you one better: I’ll recommend a book that not nearly enough people talk about: Royal Rescue! I’ve talked about this book a few times, but I just can’t stop myself from recommending it once more, because I really need more people to read it! I mean: it is a standalone fantasy! It has dragons! It has an amazing aroace main character who takes no shit! It has the loveliest QPR that I really rooted for!

Royal Rescue

Recommend your “staple” book

Really? I’m going to have to talk about Heartstopper again, huh? Who am I kidding, we all know I’ll never stop. If you still haven’t read this book, I have good news: it’s going to be published in the US as well this year! For me, that means I’m absolutely going to *need* to buy hardcovers of the first two volumes!!

Heartstopper: Volume One (Heartstopper, #1)

Recommend the book(s) that got you into reading

Yeah, I don’t have an answer to this. I’ve always been a reader, ever since before I could even actually read, so there isn’t one specific book that got me into reading.

Recommend 3+ bloggers who recommend great books

For the best LGBTQ+ recs: Amy @ Bookish Heights!

For the best romance recs: Corey @ Corey’s Book Corner!

For the best middlegrade recs: Laura @ Green Tea & Paperbacks!

I tag…

Tagging people always gives me a lot of anxiety, so I’m not going to tag people. If you’ve read this and would like to do the tag as well, consider yourself tagged!

If you order books through the links in this post, I’ll make a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps me review more books and host more giveaways, so I’d be very grateful if you used it!

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