Setting a Personal Record: My Biggest Ever Book Haul

As you may know, Amazon Germany was having a massive sale a week or two ago where many hardcover books were only 5 euros, and many paperbacks were only around 2 to 3 euros. Like many other people, I ordered a massive amount of books. No less than 31… This is, in fact, the most books I’ve ever gotten at once.

Let’s get into them!

  • Jody Revenson – Hogwarts: A Movie Scrapbook. I always love these “behind the scenes” film books about the Harry Potter movies, and the scrapbooks always come with removable items as well, which is really fun.
  • Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus. I already owned the UK hardback and a Waterstones exclusive hardback, but now I was able to add the US hardback to my collection!
  • Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Princess. I’ve collected most of the Shadowhunters hardcovers, and now only need Clockwork Angel to complete my collection.
  • Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo. This was a special publication for World Book Day which I got for only 1 euro or so. I love the Percy Jackson series a lot so I obviously needed this in my collection.

Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo: World Book Day 2019

  • Alexandra Bracken – In the Afterlight. I read The Darkest Minds a while ago, and while I didn’t love it, I do want to continue the series. I already owned book 2, so I thought I’d complete the trilogy so I can finish reading it.
  • Alexandra Bracken – Through the Dark. With this book, I’ve completed my Darkest Minds series (except for the fourth book), so hopefully I’ll get to them soon.
  • Shaun David Hutchinson – The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley. Shaun David Hutchinson has become one of my favourite authors over the past year, and I’m hyped to have been able to get a few more of his books.
  • Shaun David Hutchinson – The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza.
  • Shaun David Hutchinson – At the Edge of the Universe. I listened to the audiobook for this one and loved it a lot.

At the Edge of the Universe

  • Robin Benway – Far From the Tree. I got this book from the library and really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d pick up a physical copy. About half the books I bought are books I’ve already read and loved, so this was a great way to update my collection.
  • Sandhya Menon – When Dimple Met Rishi. I used to own a paperback of this book, but I got From Twinkle With Love in hardback in an Owlcrate box and wanted to have a matching set.
  • Sandhya Menon – There’s Something About Sweetie. Sweetie was my favourite Sandhya Menon book so far, so I’m very happy to have a physical copy.
  • Firoozeh Dumas – It Ain’t So Awful, Falafel. This is a middlegrade that’s been on my radar for a while, so when I saw a very cheap paperback copy, I figured I’d pick it up.
  • Julian Winters – How to Be Remy Cameron. This is one of my favourite contemporaries I’ve read this year! You can read my review here.

How to Be Remy Cameron

  • Traci Chee – The Speaker. I read The Reader a few months ago and didn’t really click with it, but I think I may have read it at the wrong time and really want to give it a second chance. I thought I’d pick up the sequel in case I end up loving it the second time around.
  • Cindy Pon – Want. I’ve heard SO many people rave about this book, so it’s been high on my wishlist for quite a while.
  • Camryn Garrett – Full Disclosure. This is another one of my favourite contemporaries of the year. You can read my review here.
  • Akemi Dawn Bowman – Starfish. I read and loved Summer Bird Blue a few months ago, I thought it was an amazing contemporary. Ever since, Starfish has been high on my TBR.


  • Gloria Chao – Our Wayward Fate. American Panda was one of my favourite books of 2018, so I’ve been highly anticipating Gloria Chao’s new book.
  • Nina Moreno – Don’t Date Rosa Santos. I listened to the audiobook for this during Latinx Heritage Month and I really loved it, so I really wanted to get a physical copy.
  • David Levithan – Two Boys Kissing. David Levithan’s books have been a bit hit or miss for me, but there’s no denying he’s been instrumental when it comes to getting (more) LGBTQ+ representation in YA. I really loved Two Boys Kissing when I got it from the library and I feel like it’s a bit of a classic when it comes to queer lit.
  • Tracy Banghart – Queen of Ruin. I got an Owlcrate copy of Grace and Fury last year and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, so I’ve been really curious about the sequel.
  • Jodi Lynn Anderson – Tiger Lily. This is, I believe, a Peter Pan retelling of sorts, and I’ve heard amazing things about it. It’s literally been on my TBR for years.
  • Robin Talley – Pulp. Pulp is one of my absolute favourite reads of the year, it was amazing. So I really needed a physical copy.


  • Elsie Chapman, ed. – Hungry Hearts. I really love anthologies and I’ve been dying to pick this up ever since it came out.
  • Tom Ryan – Keep This To Yourself. I’ve enjoyed Caleb Roehrig’s gay YA thrillers, and I feel like this might be similar, so I’m very curious.
  • Tanya Boteju – Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens. Another audiobook I really enjoyed, and a must read in terms of LGBTQ+ representation.
  • Junauda Petrus – The Stars and the Blackness Between Them. I would have bought this for the beautiful cover alone, but it also sounds really amazing, and I’m always looking to read more own voices books about QPOC.
  • Natasha Diaz – Color Me In. This has been on my wishlist since before it came out, and I love the cover.
  • Maika Moulite & Maritza Moulite – Dear Haiti, Love Alaine. I tried to especially take the opportunity of buying cheap hardbacks to support authors of colour, and I had quite a lot of their books on my TBR. I’m very much looking forward to this debut.
  • Randy Ribay – Patron Saints of Nothing. This book is about a topic I know next to nothing about, so I’m very interested in reading it.

Patron Saints of Nothing

Have you read any of these books? Are they on your TBR?


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