Blogtober Day 23: A Weekend In My Life

Today’s blogtober prompt is “A Day In My Life”, but I thought it would be fun to share what my past weekend looked like instead.


My Friday mostly consisted of NEW BOOKS!

I started the day watching She-Ra on Netflix while having breakfasts, and then got a bit of work done. I ended up not having to do as much work as I thought I would though, so I unexpectedly had the rest of the day off.

I was planning to visit the bookstore next week, but instead, I figured I might as well go already. So my mum and sister and I got in the car to go to the nearest bigger city. We first went to some thriftstores, which my sister especially loves. And after that, I got to roam one of my favourite bookstores, and I picked up copies of Light Years by Kass Morgan and Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams, both of which I’ve been wanting to get for a while.

Shortly after returning home, the mail arrived. I got invitations to my friend’s children’s birthday parties, as well as some new books! I had preordered the sequel to Sanity and Tallulah, as well as two beautiful special editions: Illumicrate’s Ninth House and FairyLoot’s Into the Crooked Place. Both editions are absolutely stunning, but unfortunately, my copy of Into the Crooked Place arrived in a soaking wet box and has water damage. I tried to rescue it by putting it on the heater, and it shouldn’t be too bad, but I’m still quite disappointed.

I didn’t end up reading a lot today, but I did start a review copy I have to read for a Dutch publisher, to advise them on whether or not to translate and publish it. I promised to send in my review on Monday, so I’m hoping to read the rest of the book during the weekend.


I again started the day by watching She-Ra, which I’m very much enjoying at the moment. I’m almost done with season 1, so I do have quite a lot left to watch.

Halfway through my breakfast, the mail arrived. (Yes, I get a lot of mail. Yes, it’s a bit of a problem.) I got second-hand copies of the Heartstopper zine by Alice Oseman, which I’d been looking for for a looong time, and Other Words For Home by Jasmine Warga. I can’t wait to read Other Words For Home, which is a middlegrade verse novel I’ve heard the best things about. And I’m so happy to finally own the Heartstopper zine!

After getting some reading done, I spent the afternoon taking bookstagram pictures. I mainly wanted to take a picture of my full collection of booksleeves by the company I’m a rep for, Bookbesties UK. (You can use my code ANNIEK10 to get a discount off your order!)

In the evening, I continued reading Now Entering Addamsville, which I started a few days earlier, and watched some TV.


I started the day by watching She-Ra again. I’m now on season 2, and I’m really enjoying it. The rest of the day was really quiet, and I mostly spent it reading. I finished Now Entering Addamsville, as well as my review copy, and started The Fever King at the end of the day.

What do your days/weekends typically look like?

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