#AugustLibrary19: Introduction Post

After our Pride Challenge, which we had a lot of fun hosting, Hâf @ The Library Looter and I are back with another challenge: #AugustLibrary19!! This time, it’s mainly summer inspired, and we hope you’ll like it! Unfortunately, Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things wasn’t able to join us this time, but she’ll hopefully join us again in the future!

You’ll also find several diversity related prompts in this challenge, because we want to inspire and motivate people to post and talk about diverse books. Hopefully this will become normalized sooner rather than later, but even during our Pride challenge we noticed several participants posting about allocishet books, which kind of baffled us, as the challenge was clearly focused on books with LGBTQ+ rep. So by being explicit about what representation we would like to see, we’re hoping this will become more natural for people or it will at least be a reason for them to re-evaluate what they read and post and talk about. Needless to say, we do encourage everyone to use diverse books for the more general challenge prompts as well!

Below, I’ll explain each of the challenge prompts. Let me know if you have any further questions! Of course you’re welcome to join in any way you like: on bookstagram, on your blog, on Twitter, whatever works for you! Just be sure to use our hashtag and/or tag us so we can see your posts!!


Show us which books you’re planning to read in August!

2 Current read

What book are you currently reading?

3 LGBTQ+ summer read

This prompt is all about books with LGBTQ+ rep that are perfect summer reads. For recommendations, check out my blogpost with LGBTQ+ summer reads!

4 Reading outside

Do you like to read outside? Share a picture of your book(s) outside. for example, or of your favourite outside reading spot.

5 Yellow, orange and red

Every time we’ve hosted a challenge, we’ve gotten really positive responses to any colour prompts we’ve included. So we just had to include some again! We’ve tried to mix it up a little by combining colours this time. For this prompt, show us your yellow, orange and red books!

6 Green & blue

This prompt is all about green and blue books!

7 Pink & purple

What are your prettiest pink and purple books?

8 PoC on the cover

For this prompt, share your books that have a person of colour on the cover. If you need inspiration, you can check out this Goodreads list!

9 Funko Friday

Do you have any Funkos? Share them for this #FunkoFriday prompt!

10 Disabled MC

Let’s talk about books with disabled main characters today. If you need inspiration, here is a Goodreads list with suggestions, and I’d recommend checking out other lists as well 🙂

11 Shelfie

It’s time for a #SundayShelfie! Show off those bookshelves!!

12 Asian author

For this prompt, share your books by Asian authors. For recommendations, you can read my last #YARC2019 update post. A new update post will be up soon, so keep an eye out for that as well!

13 LGBTQ+ happy ending

What are your favourite LGBTQ+ books with a happy ending? You can find some suggestions on this Goodreads list.

14 Holiday destination

Which books are set at a perfect holiday destination? Share them for this prompt!

15 Diverse book stack

Let’s share diverse book recommendations! You can find some suggestions in my blogpost on intersectional recommendations.

16 Book ombre

Another colour prompt, but this time you can choose the colour yourself. The idea is to make an ombre, so light to dark.

17 Book and drink

This prompt probably speaks for itself: show us a book and a drink!

18 LGBTQ+ rainbow

Rainbows aren’t just for Pride Month! Let’s make a rainbow out of LGBTQ+ books. For ideas, check out my blogpost on books with rainbow covers.

19 Waiting for the sequel

What sequel do you absolutely need right now? Let us know what sequel you’re anticipating the most.

20 Latinx author

For this prompt, share your books with a Latinx author. You can find lots of suggestions in this Goodreads list.

21 Recent release

What’s your favourite recent release? What book are you dying to read soon?

22 LGBTQ+ SFF book

This prompt is all about sci-fi/fantasy books with LGBTQ+ rep. My blogpost with LGBTQ+ sci-fi recommendations might help to give you some ideas.

23 Naked spines

Ditch those dustjackets and share the naked spines of your pretty hardcovers for this prompt!

24 Neurodiverse MC

You can find some suggestions for this prompt in my blogpost on books with autism rep, but books with mentally ill main characters work as well! You can find many suggestions in this Goodreads list.

25 Book spiral

Make a book spiral! This is essentially a twisted book stack, in case you didn’t know.

26 Black author

For this prompt, share books with black authors. You can find several suggestions in this Goodreads list.

27 Open book

Take a picture of an open book!

28 Favourite LGBTQ+ author

Who is your favourite LGBTQ+ author? You can find some suggestions in this blogpost.

29 Set abroad

Share books that are set abroad for this prompt!

30 Favourite read of the month

What was your favourite read of the month?

31 Wrap-up

What books did you end up reading?

Let us know if you’ll be participating! We hope you’ll have a great time.

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