Most Anticipated Releases of April

Even though I’m still behind on all the 2019 releases I want to buy and read, I’m really looking forward to some of the books coming out in April! Lucky for me, I discovered an audiobook streaming service that has a decent amount of new releases, so at least that will hopefully save me some money… Anyway, here’s some of the books I’m most excited for this month!

Cassandra Clare – The Red Scrolls of Magic

This first book in the new Malec trilogy has to be my most anticipated release of the year! I preordered the Waterstones exclusive edition and I can’t wait for it to arrive, even though I’ll probably start the audiobook on release day.

Ashley Poston – The Princess and the Fangirl

I was lucky enough to get approved for an eARC a few months ago, and I really loved it! You can read my review here. I thought this book was even more fun than Geekerella, and I would really recommend it!

Scott Reintgen – Nyxia Uprising

Another sequel I’m looking forward to, is Nyxia Uprising, the final installment in the Nyxia Triad. I’m usually very fussy about dystopian, but this is such a thrilling, fun and diverse trilogy!

Tahereh Mafi – Defy Me

And as far as sequels go, any Shatter Me fan is probably looking forward to Defy Me just as much as I am! Luckily, this one will also be up on my audiobook service, so I’m hoping to listen to it soon 🙂

Amanda Foody – King of Fools

As I really enjoyed Ace of Shades, I’m very much looking forward to its sequel! I’m probably going to have to reread the first book, though.

Roshani Chokshi – Aru Shah and the Song of Death

I guess this is a month for great sequels! After thoroughly enjoying Aru Shah and the End of Time, the first book published by the new Rick Riordan Presents imprint, I was sold on both Roshani Chokshi as an author, Aru as a main character and RRP as an imprint. They’re all so promising in their own ways, and by now, I’ve read almost all of Roshani Chokshi’s other books and she’s quickly become a new favourite author for me!

What April release are you most looking forward to?

7 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Releases of April

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  1. Defy me, absolutely! Also Descendant of the Crane, because I really want to know where all that hype comes from. May I ask you which audiobook service you are using? I love audible, but one audiobook a month is not that much. I also love Storytel, but you can’t navigate to chapters there.

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        1. I know!! Going to start it soon! They really do have a much better selection than I was expecting, and I love that it’s actually unlimited. I just started my subscription last month, but I’ve already listened to 10 audiobooks or so?


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