To Unhaul Or Not To Unhaul?

I feel like one of the main dilemmas for bibliophiles is whether or not to keep all of their books, or get rid of certain books every once in a while.

I used to be SUCH a hoarder when it comes to books. And I still am, I guess. But when I ended up with over 1500 books and no room for them whatsoever, I began to ask myself if I even really liked all of those books enough to want to keep them.

First unhaul

This led to quite the purge and I got rid of 100-200 books (I didn’t count them, but I unhauled A LOT). Some of them, I sold through Instagram Stories, and others I took to the thrift store.

In this first round of unhauling, I got rid of books I rated 1 or 2 stars, with only a few exceptions. I also cleared out some books I knew I was never going to read.

My unhaul plans

However, I still kept a lot of books that I was doubtful about. And I have to admit, I’m still not entirely happy with my shelves right now.

After reading Marie Kondo’s book last week, I’ve decided to do another unhaul round. This will hopefully happen sometime this week.

This time around, I’m planning to get rid of any books that don’t make me happy when I see them on my shelves. This does NOT mean that every book I own has to have happy content, but just that the book means something to me.

For, this decision will mainly be based on whether or not I’d ever want to reread the book, because I’m very big on rereading so I generally want to reread any book I really enjoyed.

A second “rule” to unhauling will be if the book made a lasting impression on me. I have books on my shelf that I know I enjoyed when I read them, but I hardly remember anything about them and I’m also not really inclined to reread them. So I’m planning to get rid of those books as well.

This all may sound a little drastic, and admittedly, I’m a tiny bit scared, but I’m also excited to have the books on my shelves reflect what I love to read!

Do you ever unhaul books?

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