Review: Rick Riordan – The Kane Chronicles

After finishing the Heroes of Olympus series, I was craving more Riordan books, and I finally picked up The Kane Chronicles. This series is pretty underrated – I think it’s Riordan’s least read series – so I thought I’d feature it on my blog! If you haven’t read it, I’d definitely recommend it, because it’s comparable to Percy Jackson in a whole lot of aspects, Egyptian mythology is so cool, and this series deserves a lot more credit!

The Red Pyramid

As I really enjoyed the Heroes of Olympus series, I wasn’t sure how much I would like this one. But I was immersed in the world of the Kanes from the start. Egyptian mythology is a really fascinating subject, and it was fun to read about it! Riordan did a great job creating an illusion of authenticity, especially in his warning at the start of the book and his author’s note at the end. This reminded me somewhat of Lemony Snicket, even though it wasn’t really part of the story itself. Something I think didn’t work that well, was the way the book being a transcript was conveyed. The little inserts where Carter and Sadie were talking to each other felt a bit forced.

2017-07-19 (3)

The Throne of Fire

This book is just as cute and funny as the first one, and some great new characters were introduced. Even so, it’s too much of a typical second book, and the plot was too slow.

2017-07-19 (5)

The Serpent’s Shadow

This was definitely a fun conclusion to the trilogy, and it also has me curious about the three Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles cross-over stories. However, just like with the second book, I felt it was just a bit too slow, making it somewhat boring at times. And even though Riordan writes great characters, a little more development/growth would have been nice. All in all, I’ve really enjoyed this trilogy, but it definitely wasn’t as good as, say, Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series.

2017-07-19 (4)


Even though aspects of these books could have been better, I still immensely enjoyed them and would definitely recommend them!

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