Review: Rick Riordan – Heroes of Olympus

Okay, I read this series back in April. But now that I’ve finished almost all of Riordan’s books, these are still in the back of my head. That’s how good they were. The Heroes of Olympus series is probably my favorite Riordan series, and I can’t promote them too much.

The Lost Hero

After I finished the Percy Jackson series a few months ago, I finally got a chance to start the Heroes of Olympus series. This first installment is definitely a good one. I liked the new characters and the whole mystery of where Jason came from. It was pretty interesting to see how Riordan implemented Roman mythology in his Greek myth based world!

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The Son of Neptune

I’m really liking this series, because of the mix of returning characters and new characters, and of Greek and Roman mythology. I quite liked Hazel and Frank, and I love reading different perspectives. There were also a lot of great side characters (Ella!). All this does have a clear downside, especially because there’s a lot of different perspectives: it gets really messy and confusing, because there’s so much to keep track of. I would have preferred a somewhat ‘cleaner’ plot. Less is more, after all. And there’s already so much detail in this world building that all the different perspectives are basically just a diversion. What’s more, I think Riordan’s strength is in writing in first person – something many writers can’t do very well – because this makes for a lot of sassy remarks. Percy was a lot less funny in third person. And I’m missing the funny chapter titles!

The Mark of Athena 

Without a doubt the best book in this series so far! Both storylines finally connected, and I love the interaction between the seven main characters!! I was glad to see Annabeth get such a big part in this, with a quest for herself, because she’s my favorite character – such an independent, strong and smart girl! And that cliffhanger… I’ll start reading The House of Hades right away!

The House of Hades

Remember how I said the third book was the best in the series so far? Well, this one was at least as good! It was funny and suspenseful at the same time – Rick Riordan is one of the few authors I know who can pull off using humor in really suspenseful moments – and we got to know some of the characters even better. I especially loved both Leo and Nico in this book, and it was nice to finally get more of a background story of Nico! It definitely made me appreciate him even more.

The Blood of Olympus

This book was great in providing even more character development and at the same time made for a great conclusion to the series. I did miss the POVs of Percy, Annabeth and Hazel, but it was nice to read more about Reyna, and of course Nico!

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All I can say is: go read these books! 😉 The further you get in the series, the better they are. And I dare you not to start loving all of these characters, especially precious Nico di Angelo.


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