Unboxing: Celebrate Books January

Aside from posting reviews and wrap-ups and such, I thought it would also be fun to post unboxings of the subscriptions I get, since Instagram doesn’t always offer as much writing space as I’d like. Let me know if this is something you’d like to see on a regular (monthly) basis!

The first box I’ll feature is the January Celebrate Books box. Celebrate Books is a Dutch subscription box, that offers one box a month, and sometimes even two choices! They offer both Dutch and English book boxes, so you can choose which you prefer:)

The January theme was ‘Once Upon A Time’! The book included wasn’t a secret, because it wasn’t a new release – like it normally is – but an older book, that has just been newly translated into Dutch: Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Publisher Blossom Books will be releasing the entire Lunar Chronicles series in a pretty hardcover edition with a (new) Dutch translation! Since I’ve been wanting to read this series for quite a while now, I thought this would be the perfect timing to finally do so.


Celebrate Books gave a little hint about the contents before releasing the box: every box would have a special Lunar Chronicles themed item by Geeky Clean. It turned out to be a bar of soap, and it’s so gorgeous!

Aside from the soap, the box contained a total of 7 other items! My favorite is the ‘Once Upon A Bookish Day’ planner, because it’s both fun and useful, so it will brighten up my workday:) Not only can you write down your appointments, but you can manage your TBR at the same time!

Furthermore, there’s a Queen Levana notebook. I love a good villain, so this is definitely a great choice for me! And you can never have too many notebooks of course!

I really love the quote print: ‘Even in the future, the story begins with onxe upon a time’. I was hoping it would be a quote from the book, but after reading it, I’ve learned it’s not in the book, only on the back of the English edition, and it’s being used online a lot. I still think it’s a really good quote, and it would have made for a great opening line!

The Cinder badge has the cover of the book. I’m glad the Dutch publisher went with the original cover, because I think it’s really pretty! It really captures the Cinderella story, but also gives it a twist.

Inside the book was a double-sided bookmark. One side shows Cinder, and the other shows Kai. I love the artwork, and it’s definitely a fun addition to the book!

Lastly, the box had a Best of YA magazine (Best of YA is a Dutch imprint for young adult books), including Carve the Mark tattoos. It’s always fun to read about new releases and such, but I don’t think I’ll be using the tattoos.


All in all, I really liked this box! I’ve already ordered the one for February, which is ‘Swords and Games’ themed. This time, the book is a surprise, so I can’t wait to see which on it’ll be! If you’re in the Netherlands or Belgium, I’d highly recommend this box:)


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