February book challenge

One of the things I like best about #bookstagram, is participating in the fun monthly challenges! Since I’ve started my account, I’ve been wanting to host my own challenge. I’ve finally gotten around to it, together with my lovely bookstagram friend Summer (@librarylooter). I thought it might be nice to feature it in a blog post, so you can read a bit more about it! You can see our challenge in the picture below.


Perhaps you’re wondering what some of these prompts mean. I’ll explain each day, so if you’re unsure, or just interested, you can look it up here:

  1. ‘TBR’. As most of you probably know, this stands for ‘To Be Read’. For this first prompt, the idea is to share all the books you plan to read in the month ahead.
  2. ‘Fandom Crossover’. Now this is something I’ve recently gotten pretty obsessed with… I tried a few myself already, and I just love seeing two or more fandoms combined – some of them match so well, it’s like they belong together!
  3. ‘Candlemas’. This day is the perfect opportunity to share a bookish candle photo, or simply a book and a pretty candle!
  4. ‘4th book on shelf’. This one is pretty much self-explanatory. Just take a pretty picture of the 4th book on your shelf!
  5. ‘#sundayshelfie’. Of course we’d also love to see your pretty shelves!
  6. ‘Arthur Weasley’s Birthday: Favorite fictional father figure’. Quite the long name! As massive Potterheads, of course we appreciate Arthur Weasley very much, so it only made sense to dedicate a prompt to his birthday. You don’t have to share a Weasley inspired photo, unless Arthur Weasley is your favorite fictional father figure, of course! If not, show us who you like best!
  7. ‘Turn to page 394’. Can’t have too many Potter inspired prompts, right? Also, an open book photo is always fun!
  8. ‘Cover without dustjacket’. One of the biggest bookstagram trends are pretty naked spines. Some hardcover books have amazing designs on the cover if you take off the dustjacket!
  9. ‘Prettiest endpages’. To add to the beauty that are books, there’s also quite a few books of which the endpages are decorated with a beautiful design, instead of just being white. Are there any of those on your shelves?
  10. ‘Chapter 10’. Another open book prompt!
  11. ‘Book & Funko’. We both love our Funko Pops! A lot of people have them, so it’s only fun to show each other which one’s you have:) Don’t have any? You could always try to get creative! (Or skip a day, we don’t mind.)
  12. ‘Spotty #socksunday’. Put on your spotty socks for our themed #socksunday!
  13. ‘Happy birthday Luna!’ Of course we can’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate dear Luna Lovegood’s birthday! Do you have Luna merch? Awesome! If not, show us something that Luna would love to see:)
  14. ‘Valentine’s Day: Favorite OTP’. For Valentine’s day, we have to get romantic of course! We’d like to know your favorite ‘One True Pairing’, a.k.a. your favorite bookish couple.
  15. ‘Red’. Let’s get colorful!
  16. ‘Green’. These prompts are clear enough, I think:)
  17. ‘Blue’. They also allow you the chance to get creative!
  18. ‘Purple’. Show us all your purple books, for example, or come up with something else entirely!
  19. ‘Rainbow’. Although bookish rainbows are considered pretty hard, they’re also very rewarding! I mean, how pretty are they?
  20. ‘Love Your Pet Day’. Another special day in February! To honor it, we wish to see a photo of your pet and a book, for example:) Don’t have a pet? Maybe you have a stuffed animal that’s very dear to you?
  21. ‘HP dedication’. Because we didn’t have enough Harry Potter themed prompts yet;)
  22. ‘Abandoned book’. Is there a book you just couldn’t finish?
  23. ‘Show us your bookmark collection’. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I’m pretty addicted to (magnetic) bookmarks. Do you have many as well? Or just a few really pretty ones?
  24. ‘Favourite Fantastic Beast’. The animals in the recent Fantastic Beasts movie were all pretty photogenic! Which one do you like best?
  25. ‘B’day Anniek: #bookishmimic’. It’s my birthday! Me and Summer had a lot of fun with that a while back, when she recreated one of my pictures. That’s why I thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate! You’re welcome to recreate one of our pictures:) It’s extra fun if you share a before (original) and after (recreated) photo on Instagram Stories! Don’t forget to tag the person whose picture you’ve recreated of course:)
  26. ‘Tell A Fairy Tale Day’. This day is very fitting for bookstagram! Tell (or show) us a fairy tale:) Which one is your favorite?
  27. ‘Book haul’. Do show us all the books you’ve bought in February! We love to indulge in piles of new books:)
  28. ‘Wrap-up’. To complete the month, share the books you’ve read in February! How many did you manage to read?

We’ve combined our challenge with a surprise giveaway at the end of the month. If you’d like to know more about that, go and take a look on my Instagram account! If you’re also on bookstagram, we’d love it if you’d participate in our challenge!


8 thoughts on “February book challenge

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  1. This is great! I always feel left out, like everybody knows what everything means except for me. :p
    I am excited for this challenge and can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with.
    Thanks for explaining each day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, these are all great! I’ve got several ideas popping up but all my books are back home..lol.. I do have some pictures from before, so maybe I’ll use some of those hehe

    Liked by 1 person

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